Understand, recognize and develop your people

Teambit helps teams create a high performing culture with regular feedback.

high performing team

Traditional people processes lead to disengagement and turnover.

hardcore performance processes
They are hardcore,
formal and disconnected
unclear feedack
They don't encourage
regular feedback
unsafe to speak up
They don't make it
safe to speak up


disengaged employee

It doesn't have to be like that. Teambit is a modern solution that teammates love.

lightweight performance management
It's lightweight
fun and interconnected
clear feedback
It encourages regular
feedback with contextual requests
safe to speak up
It creates a safe
environment for dialog


engaged employee
Here is how it works
employee feedback

Feedback to help teammates improve

Empower your teammates to know in real time what they are doing well and what they need to improve.

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people sharing employee feedback
employee survey

Surveys to help the team be better

Get real-time insights into your team with research-backed, lightweight and regular surveys.

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people analytics
employee survey
performance review

Reviews to help teammates get a fair evaluation

Make better compensation and promotion decisions with objective and quick performance reviews.

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people conducting performance review
employee recognition

Praise to help teammates feel valued

Make it a habit to recognize and praise people who do great work.

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employee feeling valued
employee recognition
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We are experiencing what Gallup calls 'an employee engagement crisis'. Just one-third of people at work are engaged.

To improve performance and engagement companies rely on the same principles as industrial-age factories. But all those annual performance reviews and hundred-question surveys don't work anymore. People want regular feedback. Leaders who don't embrace this change end up with misaligned, disengaged and dwindling team.

We designed Teambit to change that. It empowers teams to make feedback a daily habit. Everybody knows what they are doing well and what they need to improve, leading to better performing, engaged and happier teams.

We are on a mission to make worklife exciting. Come join us.

Alex Potrivaev Bohdan Chechin
Alex and Bohdan Co-Founders at Teambit