Everything you need to make your organization a great place to work

Teambit brings together feedback, pulse surveys, peer recognition, people analytics and automation to improve team engagement.

Traditional people processes lead to disengagement. You deserve better than this.

performance review
100-questions surveys
Managers responsible for engaging the team


Teambit is a modern platform that effortlessly helps you improve engagement.

Continuous Feedback
Quick regular surveys
Automation of everything


Here is how it works

Know what your team thinks

As the company grows, it gets hard to keep a hand on the pulse of the team. With quick regular surveys in Teambit you can always stay in the known.

Give and request feedback

Continuous feedback is critical to build happy and engaged teams. With Teambit you have powerful tools to share it with each other within the team.

Automate team processes

We know team engagement is one of the many things on your mind. That’s why Teambit will help you smartly automate it.


Everything you need
to make your team

  • Recognize success
    Share positive feedback with everyone to celebrate great work together
  • Powerful people analytics
    Understand how everyone is feeling and what should be improved.
  • Get to know your teammates
    Ask personal questions to understand who people on your team are.
  • Understand who needs help
    Be notified when you need to take specific actions to improve things.
  • Know how your work matters
    Hear how your teammates think you impact the company.
  • Be clear on how to progress
    Focus on skills your teammates think you should improve.
  • Simplify standups and chekins
    Share what you have done yesterday and what you plan to do today.
  • Hustle-free way to participate
    You can submit a survey response or feedback in Teambit, via Slack or email
See Teambit for yourself.
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We know how important people are for your company’s success. They are the ones who build the product, who sell it, who talk to your customers. They are the ones who make your organisation work. And their engagement can make a difference between a company reaching its full potential or getting stuck in mediocrity.

That’s the reason we created Teambit. We want to help you create the best organization for your people. Join us on a mission to make a worklife awesome.

Alex Potrivaev Bohdan Chechin
Alex and Bohdan Co-Founders at Teambit