Everything you need to make
your team awesome

Teambit brings together feedback, pulse surveys, peer recognition, people analytics and automation to improve team engagement.

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We know how important people are for your company’s success. They are the ones who build the product, who sell it, who talk to your customers. They are the ones who make your organisation work. And their engagement can make a difference between a company reaching its full potential or getting stuck in mediocrity.

That’s the reason we created Teambit. We want to help you create the best organization for your people. Join us on a mission to make a worklife awesome.
Alex Potrivaev Bohdan Chechin
Alex and Bohdan
Co-Founders at Teambit

Know the pulse of your company Love

Once a week we anonymously ask every teammate about thier happiness at work. This way you can always understand how everyone feels.

Improve engagement and retention Metrics

Continuous feedback is the key to building happy and engaged teams. Teambit helps you share it with each other within the team.

Get actionable recommendations Goal

We know there are hundreds of things on your mind, so Teambit will send you specific advice on how to improve engagement.


Everything you need to make your team amazing

Real-Time Feedback

Share what's good and what your teammates should improve.

Peer Recognition

Celebrate each other successes together, as a team.

Performance Review

Request feedback and do a quick performance review.

Team Morale Surveys

Answer together a weekly survey about your happiness.

People Analytics

Always stay aware of how teammates feel.

Actionable Recommendations

Get specific advice on how to improve things.