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Help your team feel engaged, motivated and recognized by creating a culture of continuous feedback.

Traditional people processes lead to disengagement and turnover.

performance review
100-questions surveys
Great work
taken for granted


Teambit is a modern platform that helps you create a culture of continuous feedback.

Continuous feedback
Quick regular surveys
Praise of great work


Here is how it works

Share continuous feedback to help each teammate improve

Empower your teammates to share feedback with each other in real time, throughout the year, so that they know what they are doing well and what should be improved.

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Gather regular feedback with surveys to help the company improve

Get real time insights into your team with lightweight and regular surveys.

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Share praise to help each teammate feel valued

Make it a habit to recognize and praise people who do great work.

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Modern companies are operated based on the same principles as industrial age factories. Those principles work well when replacing each teammate is cheap. But those processes fail in a modern world of knowledge work. People feel unsupported, get disengaged and start looking for a new job. Companies that don’t change fail.

We designed Teambit to change that. It helps you ensure that your teammates feel engaged, recognized and clear about their careers by creating a culture of feedback.

Join us on a mission to make worklife amazing.

Alex Potrivaev Bohdan Chechin
Alex and Bohdan Co-Founders at Teambit