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Teambit helps you understand, develop and retain your team by making feedback a daily habit

Why connect Teambit with Slack?

We are experiencing what Gallup calls 'an employee engagement crisis'. Just one-third of people at work are engaged.

To improve performance and engagement companies rely on the same principles as industrial-age factories. Yet people want regular feedback to grow, not outdated annual performance reviews and hundred-question surveys. Leaders who don't embrace this change end up with misaligned, disengaged and dwindling teams.

We designed Teambit to change that. It empowers teams to make feedback a daily habit. Connected to Slack, Teambit helps everyone feel heard, recognized and clear about what to improve using regular surveys, reviews and contextual requests.

Alex Potrivaev Bohdan Chechin
Alex and Bohdan Co-Founders at Teambit
employee recognition

Introduce a single solution to all of your team’s engagement and performance management needs

Teambit is a modern, lightweight and holistic tool that helps you establish research-proven processes to understand, develop and retain your people

automated employee recognition

Ensure everyone knows how to grow with continuous feedback in all its forms

Empower everyone to get real-time insights with regular feedback, requests, praise, surveys and reviews

automated employee recognition
slack employee recognition

Maximize adoption by integrating Teambit into your team’s workflow

Teams see an average increase of 30% in participation when they switch from an email or web-only solutions

Key features

A Slack bot your team will love

onboard with ease
Get your team onboard without any friction
slash commands
Use quick slash commands to send and request feedback
notifications in slack
Get notified about all the important activity right in Slack
feedback suggestions
Enjoy a regular flow of feedback with automated requests
analyze real time insights
Continuously analyse real time insights
fun modern experience
Enjoy an effortless, fun and modern experience
safe environment for dialog
Establish a safe environment for dialog
templates for surveys and reviews
Easily set up surveys and reviews with research-backed templates
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