Regular surveys to help the team be better

Get real-time insights into your team with research-backed, lightweight and regular surveys.

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Why surveys?

Hundred-question annual employee surveys don’t work. They take too much time for your team to reply, so the participation is low unless you send constant reminders. They take too much time for you to analyze, so by the time the results are ready, they have already lost their relevance. And if you improve something, you’ll have to wait months to test if that was enough. That doesn’t make sense!

That's why we’ve built lightweight regular surveys. They are friendly and easy for your team to reply, they are fast to analyze, and the results are updated on an ongoing basis. Start getting insights into your team in real time.

Alex Potrivaev Bohdan Chechin
Alex and Bohdan Co-Founders at Teambit
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Ask the right questions

Get started with our suggested research-backed questions or create your own surveys for any purpose you need: from understanding challenges to getting to know each other.

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Understand survey results

Analyze changes over time, explore feedback in detail, filter results by any team and follow up to find out more.

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Introduce surveys your team will love

With Teambit you don't need to constantly remind your team to respond to surveys. Our teammate-focused design helps to increase their participation.

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Get notified about all the activity via Slack or email

You can seamlessly integrate Teambit into your workflow - it works well with tools you use every day.

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A single platform that helps your team make feedback a daily habit

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