Continuous feedback to help teammates improve

Empower your teammates to know in real time what they are doing well and what they need to improve.

Why feedback?

Relying on performance reviews, to keep everyone aligned, doesn't work. They are too complicated and don’t happen often enough. The feedback you get during most reviews is either focused on half-forgotten events or only on recent ones, missing the whole picture. It's not helpful when you want to improve.

That's why we made it easy to share feedback in the moment when it’s most relevant to drive action. Enable your team to be more aligned and course correct in real time by creating a culture of continuous feedback.

Alex Potrivaev Bohdan Chechin
Alex and Bohdan Co-Founders at Teambit
share regular feedback

Share regular constructive feedback

Enable your teammates to send quick real-time feedback when it’s most relevant, not when the next performance review is due.

send employee feedback

Request feedback when you need it

Ask your teammates to give you feedback manually with requests or automatically with surveys.

request employee feedback
automated feedback

Make feedback a habit with automated triggers

Ensure people share regular feedback with built-in relevant suggestions.

slack and email integration

Get notified about all the activity via Slack or email

You can seamlessly integrate Teambit into your workflow - it works well with tools you use every day.

slack and email integration

A single platform that helps your team make feedback a daily habit

unclear feedack


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